“Get Out!” – Local Solutions from the Global Youth Mobilization

A group of young people from the YMCA Siderno designed a project that aims to tackle the consequences of COVID-19 in our community mainly through sports and creative activities for kids and young people. Recently the application has been awarded with funds from the Global Youth Mobilization which will help us carry out our activities. “Get Out!” intends to promote spontaneous gathering, interpersonal relationships between vulnerable and non-vulnerable individuals. At the same time, the project aims to educate on the importance of practicing sport activities and, this way, promote team sports to increase social inclusion


This project represents a great value to our community, as we have witnessed the impact that the pandemic has had on youth. Nowadays, a significant number of children and teenagers prefer to stay home and remain in their virtual world. Therefore, we seek to get children back outdoors and reintegrate them into the community. This way they can also benefit from the positive impact that sports activities have on the body and mind.