Can we change? – New International Project in Siderno, April 2023.

January is a month well known for making resolutions, so why not join Y.M.C.A. Siderno (ITALY) this spring to keep these resolutions going and happening?!

Y.M.C.A. Siderno has prepared a special mindset shifting teams volunteering opportunity “CAN WE CHANGE?”, funded by the European Commission, taking place in April 2023 – 17th-30th.

 Find out if you qualify and how to apply

Be one of the 15 volunteers to join the grounds of Southern Italy, in a truly unique experience, where we will focus on human interactions, and ways of living according to nature, while eating simple and wholesome vegetarian food, or learning how to grow a plant and taking good care of the nature around us.
Hiking in the mountains, playing music and expressing artistically our creativity are also planned to happen during this program. But do not worry if you do not consider yourself a master in music/artistic movements, the team will support you and you will have the chance to discover your own potential.

Y.M.C.A. Siderno is able to welcome 15 young volunteers aged from 18 to 30 from all around Europe. The volunteers may come from any culture, minority, ethnicity, race or religion. We will welcome as well all those who might be suffering from rejection and discrimination, facing economic obstacles or with fewer opportunities.

All volunteers will share the accommodation prepared by the organisation. Volunteers will be split into rooms of 2 and up to 6 in the same apartment. Each room has its own private bathroom. The apartment is equipped with a heating system, electricity, water, internet connection, kitchen and shared living room. The apartment is located 10 minutes away from our main offices and it can be easily reached just by walking. Next, or within walking distance of the apartment provided you can find: bars, shops, gyms, restaurants and pharmacies.



Are you ready to be part of the Change movement proposed by Y.M.C.A. Siderno?
If you think we can live peacefully and creatively together, you must hit the “apply button” and fill out the application form.

Can we live in a better world? We think that the only way to change the direction of the world is by awakening your inner passion and joy for living this life.

It all starts with you!
Deadline 28th of February, 2023


If you have more questions about the project, please write an e-mail to