About Us

The Association YMCA Siderno for over fifty years involved in training and support of young people , in order to promote the growth of physical , moral and spirituale.It has now 500 members , is a reference point in the territory regarding sports activities at competitive and recreational , social activities .

Founded in 1947 by volunteers , soon became a meeting place for hundreds of young people; YMCA for many of them it was possible to have the first basketball shoes (besides goods most essential use , such as food , blankets , clothes etc . ) , as well as atYM CA were built the first public locker rooms of the area ; besides being one of the first companies to get basketball affiliation in the Italian Basketball Federation , being able to play the first official meetings in 1956 , later became one of the first organizations ready to host groups of young people from abroad , in exchange allowing those Calabrian to do the same experience ; to become one of the most important and the combination of youth at the local and territorial .





Article . 10 of the Statute of the association YMCA Siderno enshrines the duties of the board in the following terms :

” The Board is responsible for the direction and administration of the Association and the maintenance of the fundamental principles enunciated in the Declaration of Portovenere . It formulates the program under the general Assembly, the administrative, accounting and prepares the annual budgets and maintains relations with the National Federation , using the through its Chairman and Secretary of the Association . The Board is composed of nine members elected by the shareholders in the manner prescribed by Articles . 16 and following of the Regulations. They are elected for three years and may be reappointed . The Executive Council shall consist , at least one third , from young people under thirty years old and women . The components decay from office by resignation or by resolution of the Board of Directors as set out in the Regulations . They are part of the Executive Council , with the advisory opinion , the Secretary of the Association and the Auditors . The Council shall appoint from among its members a President, a Vice – President and Treasurer , nomination committees work or executive committees as needed . The Council shall be convened and chaired by its President and of law , in the absence thereof , the Vice – President ; the sessions are valid , on first call , when there are two thirds of the directors or, on second call , regardless of the number of those present ; acting by a simple majority , in the event of a tie , the vote of the chairman. Meetings are called : a) periodically , as per the regulations ; b ) at the request of the President ; c ) at the request of the Secretary of the Association; d ) at the request of at least one third of the members of the Executive Council ; e) at the request of the auditors , for administrative matters .


  2. BRULLO LOREDANA – Vicepresident
  3. ERRIGO LUIGI – Treasurer
  4. ANTICO CLAUDIA – Member
  6. D’AGOSTINO FABIO – Member
  7. DIANO ANTONIO – Member